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With all of the Super Bowls he's won, it's hard to visualize this would be the first time Tom Brady may be featured about the cover of Madden. What better time than after an improbable comeback: down 28-3 within the third quarter, Brady led the New England Patriots time for Madden Mobile Coins defeat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. The rally cemented Brady in lots of people's minds as among the all-time greats, maybe in hip young meme-speak, "G.O.A.T."
Madden 18 releases just prior for the season on August 25, 2017. For the 1st time in series history, the overall game will run for the Frostbite Engine (presumably MUT 19 Coins Frostbite 3), taking into account "stunning new stadium exteriors in the middle of vast cityscapes" in accordance with the product description on Amazon. Also, a shorter clip from the trailer possibly suggests a narrative-based career mode like those within the NBA 2k series.

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EA embraces memes in Madden 18 with GOAT edition, Tom Brady could be the cover boy