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Cincinnati's defensive front seven failed beyond comprehension containing Aaron Rodgers, who scrambled to get an Olympic sprinter against players with concrete feet. They weren't particularly good contrary towards the run generally, allowing 92 yards rushing inside first half.
Cornerback Leon Hall didn't play particularly well, presumably still knockingĀ Madden Overdrive Coins the rust off body prior to your regular season opener (where it begins to count). His tackling and coverages were off. He eventually recovered to help stall another Green Bay possession midway throughout the 2nd quarter.
The Cincinnati Bengals had first down using their very own one-yard line. They subsequently fell apart. Andy Dalton floated a pass to Green in for the end zone which should have been recently picked using Williams having superior position. Cedric PeermanĀ Madden Overdrive Coins for sale lost two yards inside the following play in addition to the drive ended on the quarterback sack. They were compelled to kick a niche goal from the second quarter.
Andy Dalton's deep pass wasn't there in any respect tonight. Underthrown, overthrown, everything but perfectly thrown.

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Concerns (mostly first-team defense)