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C601 Justfog Pod Vape Tutorial + Review | Mt Baker Vapor
In this vape tutorial and review we are taking a look at the latest pod device here at Mt Baker Vapor,justfog vape Justfog's C601! Similar to the Justfog Minifit, the Justfog C601 is great portable pod vape you can keep in your pocket without the worry of any juice leaking from the device. The battery is a 650mAh built in battery with USB charging, so the C601 justfog pod mod will last you a while on the go!

This is the first product i've used by Just Fog and I was suprised when they had sent it over because it was a lot smaller than the pictures online had me thinking it would be. The Mini Fit comes in three colors (red black and silver) and it comes with a 1.6ohm pod. The pdos come in packs of three. Overall - this is the smallest pod mod that i've personally seen in terms of open refilliable systems.vladdin
The pod is designed to use nicotine salts with it, but I am using the free-base MTL e-liquid, instead of the nicotine salts, and it works perfectly. I have to say that the MTL tanks provides better taste and flavor, but still the MiniFit is doing a good job.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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C601 Justfog Pod Vape Tutorial + Review | Mt Baker Vapor