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For viewers at home, there were also map overlays that showed where the numerous teams were hiding out, and several camera angles which made fortnite weapons feasible to observe when players got close to each other and a skirmish was about to split. A constant scoreboard also made it possible to see who was still standing and that had the most points in any given moment.

 As a casual PUBG viewer, I was still able to take at the contest and understand exactly what was happening. It was a great show and also one that was quite worldwide; China's OMG held off Team Liquid to take home the grand trophy, also there were aggressive teams in Korea, North America, Europe, and everywhere , all with a fair shot of winning.

This isn't to say that Fortnite won't ever be a significant participant in e-sports, but a huge player base and a big cash infusion aren't promises of success. The Summer Skirmish series seems like a beta; Epic is testing ideas, using a structure which changes on a weekly basis, and it's slowly been improving since the first weekend. Regardless of the numerous problems the tournament has faced thus far, Twitch numbers are strong, and prominent e-sports squads keep signing Fortnite players in hopes for a piece of $100 million.

There's clearly a great deal of work to do, however. Even if Epic wishes to be distinct, and offer a unique kind of competitive gaming environment befitting the quirky sport, there are plenty of things the programmer can learn from its peers with respect to putting on an event that's entertaining and easy-to-understand. Epic has large plans for Fortnite in e-sports -- today it only needs the structure and viewer experience to cooperate with it.

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