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2. Graardor smash: Graardor will slam a floor which causes the ceiling to collapse. The best thing to complete here is watch for that shadows around the floor and run, getting hit by these will deal over 1000 lifepoints of injury per hit and in addition they can without difficulty kill you. If you are usually in a team, it is usually a good idea for every teammate to be away from each other with Cheap RuneScape Gold the duration in the attack in order to avoid the rocks destined in your case, hitting them. Graardor are able to use this attack repeatedly, leaving bit of time to recoup any lost health. Players using magic, and also to an extent melee, is able to do "hit and run" attacks with this attack however it may be risky.  
3. Graardor protect: Graardor protects himself and reflects any damage dealt back for the player for half damage no matter combat style. Players should avoid RuneScape Gold for sale attacking Graardor with this time.    
After defeating General Graardor, you'll be able to get a bit of Bandos armour or even a piece with the Bandos Godsword. What' more, you'll be able to also unlock three abilities with the Bird along with the Beast world event by killing Graardor. And there is certainly plenty of RuneScape gold available for sale here.

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2. Graardor smash: Graardor will slam a floor which causes the ceiling to collapse