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Additionally, you may wish to put money into your Heal spell and higher-tier offensive abilities, like Shining Ray and Holy Arrow, as soon as you unlock them in Maple Mobile Mesos. Your Teleport capacity is also perfect for fast traveling, so make certain that you allocate some skill points for that spell too.

Welcome to MapleStory Mwhere the M stands for mobile! Or magical! Or mischief! Or perhaps you should link your accounts to play with this game properly, youngun's. It is probably not the last one, to be perfectly honest.

If you want to get the maximum that MapleStory M offers, you will need to link accounts. This is achieved by means of a button at the base of the main menu. You've got a couple of different choices of how you'd like to join; either through Facebook, Twitter or Google Play.

To link your account through Facebook, click on the choice and log onto Facebook. Remember it may be worth adjusting your preferences if you don't want excessive alarms to go flood out. In the event you choose to link via your Google Play account, choosing the option should automatically link MapleStory into the Google Account associated with the Play Store program on your cellular device.

If you're having difficulties linking your accounts, make certain you've downloaded the most recent edition of MapleStory M, and keep in mind that you must take the terms on whichever site you're registering through for the link to become prosperous. In case you are still not able to connect, assess your security settings on Facebook or Twitter.

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Maplestory M Mesos Is As Amazing As Ever