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This moment, Epic Games, which publishes"Fortnite," decided to tease the new gaming universe by putting these attributes into the actual world.It's a viral marketing strategy known as another reality buy fortnite traps or ARG. (Not to be mistaken with virtual reality, where you're immersed into a computer-generated planet, or augmented reality, where computerized images are projected on top of real-world movie.)

ARGs of notable franchises produce an immersive and huge scavenger hunt for lovers. Microsoft's"Halo" franchise had an ARG which sent jars of honey to gamers. These jars supplied clues that attracted gamers to a site called"I love bees"

The site sent players to look for clues around the nation to fix the site's puzzles. After those were resolved, the website told the source story of the game's antagonists contributing to the game's launch. This ARG reached almost 3 million players helped drive sales for the match to $125 million on its initial day.

No two ARGs are the same, but ARGs based about films, TV shows and games have shared traits.They start with a mystery where lovers are prompted to find clues. They often have multiple fake sites which unlock clues to others. They also have a lot of hidden or coded messages. Films like"10 Cloverfield Lane" hid coordinates in various trailers for the movie. Most of all, ARGs have scavenger hunts that get fans out in the real world, looking for hints which were implanted in public areas.

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