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And intended to drop Maplestory M Mesos decent money with this game when the event actually paid out But it didnt And yeah it is not that hard to include UTC from the product description Its Global MS Making everyone assume that which timezone an item expires is simply irresponsibleYou are going to acquire v boxes which came out Youll receive


them even in the event that you dont need them with all these x drop events coming up As for opening  at last minutes you woudlnt have gotten I believe that the fantastic things inside them are limited since I started about  on the previous day and got nothing I left  knowingly have them expire because I was lazyNexon Scamming


People Out of MoneyI only need to earn everybody aware that yesterday I bought  mixed dye coupons at the same time and used one and another person disappeared from my inventory after just using the oneIm sorry to hear that youre missing an item in MapleStory and I would like to apologize for the inconvenience this issue has


caused Ive gone ahead and researched your issue and I Maple M Mesos am sorry to inform you that I was unable to confirm your concern with theMixed Hair Dye Coupon via our system as the match was working as plannedAs much as I would love to give you a hand with this issue Im sorry to inform you there isnt any possible way to reunite the

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And intended to drop Maplestory M Mesos decent