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When one starts working as a part of the shared office space in Delhi community, they have a basic responsibility to maintain decorum inside the office. Although human nature is supposed to be unpredictable but that doesn’t mean the activities need to get way out of hand. Unfortunately, many people aren’t even aware of their offensive behavior or they simply don’t care for the same, which is unacceptable.

To cope up with the bad behavior, here are a few things that you should avoid doing at the Service office space to make sure that the decorum of the office is maintained.

  1. Take Dramatic Personal Phone Calls

Receiving nasty calls doesn’t mean that you have to make it a public affair. The workplace is not a place to fight with your close ones so make it private by stepping out of your desk area.


  1. Come to the Office When You Are Sick

In the sharing office, people sit very close to each other and hence it is not advised to come to the office when you are suffering from any flu or infectious disease. Better work from home if you can, but don’t bring your germs into an otherwise healthy workplace.


  1. No Interaction at All

Serviced Office Spaces are meant to network with other like-minded individuals. And, if you isolate themselves from others, it only irritates and demotivates the people around them. Be a contributor.


  1. Contribute to Noise

The sharing offices are generally in spaces where a little noise can cause a lot of distraction and disturbance. Hence, be a responsible coworker and maintain silence at all times.


  1. Yell at Anyone

At times, things get frustrating especially when you are loaded with a lot of work. Instead of yelling at someone like a child, harness your inner adult and remain calm and rational to get the problem solved.


  1. Wear Too Much Perfume

Everyone likes to smell good but in an enclosed environment, manufactured fragrance can irritate anyone. So, avoid wearing loud perfumes and rather invest in good quality soothing mists that keep you fresh and neutral.


  1. Make Your Personal Life the Office Hot Topic

Not everyone is interested to hear about your relationship drama. If something serious happens like a death in the family or divorce it is worth telling your boss and not everyone else.


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What should you NOT do in Shared Office Spaces in Delhi