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WordPress Warns Always Back Up Your Blog – They Mean It

Yesterday I did the latest update for WordPress. I immediately started having problems that led me to many of the resources I use both for learning and operating my website. I finally just found the root of the trouble, it took me that long to complete work through the problems I was having. I want to share the experience with you so that if you ever have this happen to you, there are some things you can try that might just fix it.

So yesterday I saw the bar for the WordPress Update. I was in a hurry and just clicked on the automatic upgrade. I covered that in a blog I wrote this morning. You can read all the details here. Well, I got the initial problem figured out, but then I realized that there were some other things that were not functioning right.

My visitors would not immediately be able to detect the problems, they were all associated with the functions of the Dashboard where I do all my work. The images would not load, I could not add videos and I could not access the widgets in my sidebar.

The Search for the Solution Started at WordPress

I started looking for help at the forum in the WordPress community. That is an interesting place to visit, but there are a lot of tech gurus there so I didn’t understand all the conversations. You have to sign up or login in to access the forum. I left a question about the problems there, but when they found out I had a commercial theme from Studio Press, they told me to ask them if the theme was causing the problem.

I decided that I would make a quick stop over at my Rosiland Gardners site and ask my friends in the AffiliateBloggerPro community forum if they had any ideas. The forum was pretty quiet today, so I left my question there for them to check back later.

Next stop, StudioPress to ask my question yet again. They had not had any complaints about the update yet, so they told me that I should disable each plugin and then reactivate them one at a time to see if a plugin was the problem, Ohhhhhh no, what a pain!

My last visit was to Bluehost. The customer service using the seo magnifier online paraphrasing tool technician was not sure why I was having problems. He also suggested the plugins might be the culprit. He also told me to make sure all the plugins had been updated. He was super helpful and encouraging, and at that point, I needed a good shot of encouragement.

When All Else Fails, Read the Directions 
I logged back into my dashboard and clicked on plugins. I started to deactivate each one but noticed I had several that needed to be updated, oops. I had only deactivated a couple at that point, so I decided to upgrade all the plugins that needed to be upgraded before deactivating any more plugins. At that point, I checked to see if I could upload an image and it worked. I immediately clicked over to the widgets and they were working again too. I sure did a happy dance!

So, the conclusion I have reached:

Don’t panic
Pay attention to the warning signs
If you don’t know how to fix it, know where to find help
Those update warnings are there for a reason, make sure you update all your plugins regularly as well as the version of WordPress you are using. The tech people behind the scene are making sure ALL the code plays together nicely. All you have to do is follow the rules, “Elementary my dear Watson”.
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