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Red Dead Online is filled with numerous plants and animals. Each of the plants and animals has their specialty, which makes them worth collecting. However, the “Harrietum Officinalis” is one of its kind, and there’s nothing similar in the game to this one. It’s a rare herb with some transformative properties. Mostly plants of Red Dead Online do common things like restoring health and for making medicines or poisons.

Developers recently launched a new update of Red Dead Online that added a new herb. Similar to the other herbs, this new herb also owns some specialty. Harrietum Officinalis can transform you into an animal. Some players have guessed that it could be the Halloween update, but it is clear that this new herb is Harrietum Officinalis. 

It’s an old nature of Red Dead Online that makes players have to find special items because they are not easy to acquire. Now the situation with Harrietum Officinalis is also the same. It’s a special herb, and if any player wants to have it, they have to locate its exact location. This special herb is not easy to find unless you know its exact location. So here is the guide to help you find the Harrietum Officinalis herb in the wild.

Red Dead Online: How to Find Harrietum Officinalis

Locate the Harrietum Officinalis in Red Dead Online

Before searching for the Harrietum Officinalis herb, you should know that its effect on you will be temporary. You have to locate five rare herb samples and reach a specific location to turn into an animal. First, you have to interact with Harriet and learn about the ongoing concoction project she’s working and bring a pamphlet. You can find multiple samples if you are going to use the herb a lot. 

Best locations to Find Harrietum Officinalis

  • Ambarino, 
  • New Hanover
  • West Elizabeth

You can find Harrietum Officinalis on these three locations easily. However, there are chances of appearing Harrietum Officinalis in Northern edges of the New Austin as well, but better odds are with North of Hennigan.

Finding Harrietum Officinalis near the camp of Harriet is not going to be easy for the players. However, you can look for it near the “Kamassa River,” which is situated close to the Roanoke Ridge of New Hanover. You can find them on their exact spots because they usually grow in groups, which makes them easy to find. The only problem you’ll face is that the area of transformation is far from the area of collecting, and you have to carry it all by yourself. 

West Elizabeth’s Tall Trees area and Big Valley are also the preferred spots where you can find Harrietum Officinalis. There you’ll see a huge group of plants, so you’ll have enough area to collect the herb. However, once you collect them from their area, they do not respawn on the same day. You have to come back the next day to collect more herbs to use. 

How to Transform into an Animal

You can only turn into Wild Buck using five Harrietum Officinalis at Little Creek. After you reach there, you have to interact with the golden scent which you found on a tree and check the pamphlet that Harriet gave you. Once you do this, you will get access to a Wild Buck and do as you please until you are forced to become human again.


Harrietum Officinalis is a new type of herb which is fairly helpful for the players. It will help the players to get close to the other animals. However, the effect of herb stays for a limited period, and players can only turn into Wild Buck. Hopefully, the developers of Red Dead Online will launch more animal forms in the future.

SOURCE:- Red Dead Online: How to Find Harrietum Officinalis

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Red Dead Online: How to Find Harrietum Officinalis