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Max’s Polyakov (Maxim Polyakov) Firefly Aerospace is going to test its Firefly Alpha in 2019. Firefly Alpha is intended for the launching of small and medium-sized satellite payloads. Also, founder of Firefly Aerospace Max Polyakov and its CEO Dr. Tom Murkusic have released “Alpha Payload User’s Guide”.


Image credit: hjkc.de

Firefly Space Systems was no the best idea for purchasing in 2017 when Max Polyakov (Maxim Polyakov) bought it. The company status was precarious and lots of representatives in Orbital Launch industry were sure that Firefly wouldn’t succeed in satellite launches again soon. Now, in less than two years, renewed and reorganized with Max Polyakov’s help, Firefly Aerospace is completing its first launch vehicle, Firefly Alpha. And furthermore, the company has released Payload User’s Guide to help the possible clients plan their first mission. Also, recently Max Polyakov announced new EOS platform, you can find more here http://gordonua.com/news/science/maks-polyakov-rasskazal-na-chto-sposobna-novaya-eos-platform-253072.html.

With a relatively orbital launch vehicle, the companies will be able to send as small as medium-sized satellites to low Earth orbit (LEO) in the most cost-effective manner. The Firefly Alpha can take the delivery of 1000kg payload for nearly $10,000. It is less than others such vehicles points Max Polyakov (Maxym Polyakov).

The size of launch vehicles and satellites has changed considerably in the last ten years. And at a time when launch vehicles have become larger, the satellites have gotten smaller. As a result, such satellites have been outcome unexploited. They have been forced to rely on secondary payloads or composite with larger launches.

Max’s Polyakov Firefly Aerospace was established for providing high-performance and cost-effective space launch capability for the underserved small satellite market. As Firefly’s CEO Tom Markusic noted the company needs just four launches per year to keep on track, but his aim is much bigger. Together with Max Polyakov (Maxim Polyakov), they hope to improve production to make it possible for 24 launches per year. The company is going to test its first Alpha model in the latter half of 2019. After that Firefly plans to build up production to provide and achieve a goal of two launches per month by 2021.


Image credit: pergelator.blogspot.com

Another goal of Max’s Polyakov Firefly is to allow customers to adapt their mission specifications for launching smaller payloads and multi-smaller satellites like constellations deployments. By using proven rocket technologies Firefly Aerospace can offer smaller missions their own launch vehicle which has to solve the problem of launch delays.

Firefly has already contracted for technology development with DARPA. The next one is planned with US Air Force. By working with US government Firefly Alpha can be used to support private launches, sure Max Polyakov

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Max’s Polyakov Firefly Aerospace Is Preparing For The New Flights In 2019