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Max Polyakov, a twenty-year-old Russian raised in the United States sought a way to learn more about his roots. With his twenty-first birthday coming up, he decided that it would be best if he learned more about his birth country, Russia, by visiting the place. He still had family there who would guide him through this pilgrimage and he was very enthusiastic about the outcome of the trip.

Max Polyakov was currently studying Russian classics at the university which fueled his love for the arts even more. Spending time with his family in Russia proved a sure and effective way to earn more points in his university thesis. This and many more were his thoughts when his parents asked him how he intended to spend his birthday. Max, having come up with an elaborate plan, knew exactly who to contact to make this dream a reality. He had a loving aunt who resided in St. Petersburg, a famous city in Russia, who would be happy to host him.  

Max Polyakov’s tour of the city

Reaching St. Petersburg in the early hours of the morning did not bode well for Max. By the time he landed in Russia to meet his aunt, he was extremely tired and jet lagged. However, he knew in his heart that he was up for an exciting adventure. Max trusted his aunt Katalina to come up with cool and exciting ways for him to enjoy, not just St. Petersburg, but also Moscow, which was only about 4 hours away by train.

Max Polyakov had a list, thanks to his aunt, of special places to visit while in Russia. His favourite place which he had come to love was the Pushkin House in St. Petersburg. Something about the classical museum fueled his love for the arts even more and encouraged him to keep visiting the place every time he had a chance.  

  Max Polyakov rescues a stray cat


It was during one of these many visits to the Pushkin House one fine afternoon that Max Polyakov came across a kitten just by the sidewalk. Max's interest was piqued, especially since he had not gotten used to seeing a large number of stray cats on the streets. After little consideration about what this might mean, Max Polyakov took the little kitten and put it in his sweatshirt. He was so excited to show this kitten to his aunt Katalina.

Aunt Katalina was not very pleased about having a stray cat in the house. She refused to have anything to do with it until Max was adamant about not leaving the cat behind. Max Polyakov named the cat Murka and decided to find out all about the paperwork necessary to allow Murka to travel with him back to the United States.

An Extended Holiday

Aunt Katalina, after researching on the animal rights and requirements in Russia, explained to Max Polyakov that Murka needed to be vaccinated against panleukemia and rabies. She also told Max that in Murka had to be quarantined in Russia for 6 months to make sure that she indeed had not caught any diseases, most especially rabies off the street.

Max immediately phoned his parents and let them know about the new developments. It seemed like he was going to be in Russia longer than he planned. Luckily for him, the process, although rigorous, was successful and Murka was able to join him on the flight back to the United States.

Max Polyakov was reunited with his family just before the new year and was very happy about the way he received Murka, his new pet. Murka continued to stay with the Polyakov family and steadily grew into a beautiful, well-loved part of the family. 

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Max Polyakov Visits St. Petersburg and Finds Murka