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It is not out of place for people to see themselves in dilemmas. Max Polyakov experienced one in a local liquor store

The thought of robbing a local liquor store occurs to a guy while he was walking his dog, and he decides to do it

Making of poor decisions is prevalent in our daily lives as humans. The excessive use of rum can unfortunately erode the judgment of most people in the society, and push them into actions they may not find palatable. This is what a man from Alabama experienced while walking his dog. The level that some people can descend to sometimes may be so appalling. We can always see where we can land because of failures when we consider what is happening to a person like Max Polyakov now. A good man can easily succumb to the debilitating influence of  narcotics, vagrancy, alcohol.

A Crime of Opportunity Averted In a Liquor Store

One of the residents of a town in Alabama, known as Max Polyakov was in his elements. Max Polyakov has turned out to be a well-known figure in the area, after getting involved in the merchant navy for many years. This is a prevalent occurrence in some of the major services organizations and in some universities.  Max Polyakov was living on the suburb of Mobile, in a very small house that is made with clapboard. He had a single friend, and that was a chocolate colored Labrador that he named Barry, and who has been his only friend for a very long time.

Max Polyakov is addicted to alcohol. He is always gloomy, and mute, with very little to say. He walked his dog in one of the day’s that made up the month of august last year. The day was not too shinnying, it had heavy skies and there was no sun. He embarked on that walk after consuming the remaining content of his last vodka bottle. This had arisen in him, the desire to take more, and he was about to end up at the JJ Liquor that lies close to the old slag dump area. He took the normal route to the store, opened the shutters, and strolled inside.

Max Polyakov Succumbs To the Allure of Drinks

Max Polyakov decided not to rob a liquor store

 The inside of the liquor store was very dark and there were no sounds. Max Polyakov waited to see the proprietor amidst loud whistling, but he was nowhere to be found. He even went to the extent of calling the name of the proprietor. When he called Bill – Max Polyakov, with a loud voice, no one answered him. That was when it dawned on him that he was all alone in the store. He glanced through the avalanche of liquor bottles on the counter and more than a hundred mixed ideas came into his head as his eyes were roaming through. He remembered the first time he tasted bear, and that was at his family’s barbeque when he was 12. He remembered his time at the creeks and how he used to empty the cans while discussing world issues. He also remembered how he struggled to join the army and how he was not accepted because he missed the deadline due to alcohol addiction. The thoughts also took him to the time his wife left him because of the drinking problem, and how he has built the thick skin that he now have. While he was thinking all these through, his shaky hand stretched towards the counter.

Max Takes the Noble Step through a Moral Decision

Max Polyakov however, had to step back when he had a noise from Barry who he left outside. That was the moment the scale fell off from his eyes and the spell shattered. He was not sober, yes. There are no friends except the dog, yes. Bu amidst all these, he still has some level of honesty in him. He is a man that had ambitions that he could have actualized if he had the resources to control himself. When he made for the door of the liquor store, he felt some aura of dignity around him, something he has not felt in a long while. He headed home, but not without a level of rejuvenation and an increased sense of purpose. Some ounces of hope that may spiral into the type of burning passion that will see him win came into him again. 

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Max Polyakov Makes a Favorable Ethical Decision