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AOL email is an online email service provider which is brought to you by the American web portal. This email service is available for users in 54 languages. The users can avail interruption free email services while working on AOL. Ads which run on such services are essential for them, as it is one way for them to earn revenue. Having said this, it could turn out to be highly frustrating for the users when they are using the email service. AOL does not allow users to completely turn off the ads as it is a source of their income in return of providing free email services. However, they do provide the users with the option of disabling these ads temporarily. The users can learn more about this by going through the complete blog; they also have the option of knowing more by connecting with AOL Customer Support number.

The option to permanently remove ads from AOL mail for free is not yet available, whereas you can temporarily stop encountering their ads on AOL email for one session by following the given steps:

  • You would have to sign in to your AOL account first.
  • Now click on the email button which is available on the top left corner of the home page.
  • Further, when you click on ‘New Window,’ it would then email in an ad-free window.

As ads play a major role in any platform that provides you with free services, it would not completely remove the ads for you. Similar is the case with AOL Email, but if you wish to have a completely ad-free experience while using AOL, then you would have to purchase the Ad-free AOL email platform.

Ways to stop Ads on AOL email

Most of the browser that is available these days come along with the option of pop-up blockers. These pop-up blockers are essentially to stop ads; there is also a negative side to it. When you turn on this pop-up blocker, it would at times block some authentic emails from reaching your account. In such a situation it is advised that the users use the pop-up blocker temporarily only.

The users can block these ads for a longer duration with the help of the given steps:

  • Access your AOL email account using your account credentials.
  • Further access the settings tab, after which you would have to click on the option of ‘Marketing’ which can be found under the label of Accounts control.
  • In the new page that would open, click on the circle which is up next to the pop-up preferences.
  • On the new pop-up preference page, opt for ‘No, I do not want to receive AOL members-only pop-up offers.’
  • Now click on ‘OK’ to save the changes made.

If these steps do not help you with the problem of unnecessary ads, then you would have to connect with AOL tollfree number. The trained executives would professionally aid you in solving this issue.


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How to Delete Ads from AOL Mail Page