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One of the most recognizable poker players, Greg Raymer, shared a few most important tips when it comes to playing poker. Mr. Raymer is the 2004 World Series of Poker champion, and you can be sure that he knows what he’s doing.


Never Gamble With Money You Can’t Afford to Lose

While it seems obvious, this is probably the most important tip you can get regarding poker games. You should never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. If you are earning 100k a year, playing a high-stakes game will undoubtedly leave a mark on your bank account. Of course, if you earn millions like Bill Gates, you could bet at almost any table without realizing that you lost anything.


Nevertheless, it is always a bad idea to try to increase your income this way. You should always be aware that you can lose and just think about the fact that it might affect your life. 

Build Your Way Up

Similarly to the previous tip, you shouldn’t jump into the high-stakes table ever. The best course of action would be to build your way up. Firstly, you should learn the fundamentals of the game. Learning how to read the board, when to fold, when to raise, and basics of the game will be essential for your poker experience.


Of course, even if you can’t afford low-stake games, you can still try playing for free and practising. There are online poker games that will allow you to practice for free. Furthermore, you will continue building up from here without losing a penny. 


After understanding the game itself, you would be able to start playing penny games where you’ll be able to play games with a few cent blinds. The highest bet in penny poker can be around $1–$2. 


From there, you will keep going higher and higher. Just like Phil Ivey https://phil-ivey.net/ By the time you reach games with more serious stakes, you will be prepared. The best thing is that you’ll also be able to afford it. 


You should remember that no one started their career at the World Series of Poker. 


Poker games are based on skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. You will need to practice the same way any athlete would. Start small, work hard, and build your way up. It will be almost impossible for you to be the best there is without practicing, so take it easy. Practice makes perfect! Besides, the last thing you want is to end up on a table surrounded by pro poker players. You would probably feel like you’re trapped in a shark cage. 

Pick Your Own Games

If you can afford only penny games, then play them only. Become the master of penny poker. Learning when you should quit is one of the best skills you can use. Of course, by quitting we don’t mean the poker, but the single game. Finally, you should remember that by starting with simple penny games, you could eventually earn your place at the World Series of Poker.


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Greg Raymer’s Hot Tips for Poker Games