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Winter of changbai mountain, is the northern land of ink painting: mountain, water, forest, grassland are covered with white snow, types, soft, gentle Snow White, snow is 1-2 meters thick, up to 3-4 m deep, less dust, no pollution, types snow snow and XueQi have reached the first-class level. Look, the vast Lin hai, snow mountains, the north wind is blowing, critics, honeysuckle, wave with white snow. Under the canopy with snow, from time to time flashed a few branches green pine needles, especially vivid. Inadvertently, you will find Air Jordans Shoes For Cheap here is the heart of the dream paradise, immaculate snow, wash do you exhausted.

The changbai mountain in addition to see snow, little also not to tianchi, of course, do not have lasting appeal one time of tianchi in the winter. In addition to tianchi and the hot springs there, not to be missed in the snowy foil in the bubble in the warm spring, a Cheap Jordans Shoes cold one hot contrast of how it would be nice. Changbai mountain to see the snow best time is from November to march of next year, there must be sure to keep warm, coats, hats, gloves, sunglasses, one can't be little.

The most north of the provincial capital of Harbin is three northeast provinces, it Jordans For Sale is cold than the other two province, is the largest natural snow. If the snow in Harbin than go there to play with snow more accurate, the annual international ice and snow, snow exposition attracts thousands of tourists both at home and abroad to come for appreciation.

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