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BIM in general BIM, for building information modeling, can be translated into Moliere's language using building information modeling . ... This is a computer file that contains all the very detailed information about a building and its equipment. All of this data is listed and categorized to provide direct and quick access to the item, be it global or very specific. Thus, you can see 3D models of the building itself, its infrastructure, as well as its location on the ground and in the surrounding landscape. The virtual tour allows you to explore every floor as well as every room. The BIM File Accuracy provides information about materials, equipment and their energy performance, making it easy to analyze and simulate to determine the carbon footprint of a building and its primary energy consumption. At the design stage, it offers the opportunity to check before construction begins whether the building complies with all applicable standards and regulations, in order to identify possible conflicts and thus to prevent conflicts or other technical problems . what can happen during operation. A BIM file is a great tool for surgically budgeting your project, determining the right working methods, and planning your work schedule. Thus, this single file is available to all professions involved in the creation of the project, as well as during its use. This simplifies maintenance or repair operations. Finally, when it comes to property demolition, every detail counts, such as when recycling materials. Thus, BIM-file is a common reference point for all companies that interfere with and can use the same base data . Today BIM file exists in 2 formats: IFC format and BCF format. BIM file creation software: Archicad ; Allplan ; Revit ; Microstation ; VectorWorks . Under construction A BIM file allows a general contractor or architect to: track in real time the progress of the project, work performed and operating costs. schedule tasks in parallel at different stations. edit paper plans by selecting and customizing the displayed data. monitor compliance with the schedule. BIM file allows contractors and engineers to: have access to the project's own BIM database. to make it easier to understand the technical limitations. place quantitative orders with your subcontractors as accurately as possible, plan to leave the factory and thus ensure the delivery of goods and equipment to the site. At the stage of use A BIM file allows an owner or manager to: control the real consumption of the building, taking into account the forecast. have very detailed plans for every room and every equipment. to facilitate the work of maintenance or repair technicians. carry out maintenance work necessary for the correct functioning of the equipment. to simplify any renovation or rehabilitation projects. At the stage of demolition BIM file and its database will facilitate the work of demolition at the end of life of the building. Detailed plans will allow you to plan the work and determine its duration. Finally, detailing materials can facilitate appropriate and efficient recycling. A rchitecture engineering companies All this can allow us to say: modernity requires those who will be an expert in this field and who will be able to take responsibility in working on such complex processes. Fortunately, there are craftsmen, without whom it is already impossible to imagine the industry. For example, Kargoenergy https://karnoenergy.com/architecture-engineering/ , who have successfully completed work on dozens of projects of the most varied complexity and possess all the skills and tools so that the consumer can implement even the most difficult tasks.
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