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Mu Legend Whisperer Skills,Werapon,Gear,Artifacts Guide for Beginner
Mu Legend Whisperer would be the quickest class with all the highest attack speed in MU Legend. Her attacks are incredibly efficient, and even though her defense is weak, she can hunt comparatively safely so long as she maintains distance. She makes use of the wing gun plus the mu legend zen , and carrying a wing gun in every hand is among her distinctive capabilities. The Whisperer is in a position to hunt rapidly because of her mobility and is stronger dealing harm to single targets as an alternative to with AoE attacks. So, if you want fast-paced action and possess a for taste potent ranged attacks, the Whisperer could be the class for you.Now playerhot share the Mu Legend Whisperer Skills, Weapons, Gear, Artifacts Guide for you

Mu Legend Whisperer Base skills

Right here I just describe selections exactly where you’ll be able to use this skill or exactly where I identified this talent helpfully. All other you’ll be able to study by yourself in talent description.

Piercing arrow – helpful skill for monster pack hunt or kite large mobs train, can offer you excellent DPS on packs.

Poison arrow – the ideal talent for the Solo cheap mu legend zen target, drastically useful for nonstop kite boss (It is possible to kill the boss just with this single ability and don’t get any harm from him! Realy!!!)BY https://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/Golds here now!

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Mu Legend Whisperer Skills